Prefixes Meaning Example
A Without or absence of Ametria
Ab From; away from Abduction
Ad To; toward Adduction
An Without or absence of Anaerobic
Ana Up; again; backward Anaphoresis
Ante Before Anteflexion
Anti Against Antibacterial
Apo Upon Aponeurotic
Bi Two Bimanual
Bin Two Binary
Brady Slow Bradycardia
Cata Down Catabatic
Con Together Conjugal
Contra Against Contraceptive
De  From; down from; lack of Debride
Dia Through; complete Diameter
Dis To undo; fre from Dislocate
Dys Abnormal Dysplasia
Ecto outside; outer Ectocardia
Endo Within Endosalpinx
Epi On; upon; over Epithelial
Eso Inward Esotropia
Eu Normal; good Eupepsia
Ex Outside; outward Excrete
Exo Outside; outward Exophthalmos
Extra Outside of; beyond Extracarpal
Hemi Half Hemidiaphragam
Hyper Above; excessive Hypertension
Hypo Below; incomplete; deficient Hypoglycemic
In In; into; not Intubate
Infra Under; below Infraglottic
Inter Between Intercartilaginous
Intra Within Intravenous
Mal Bad Malabsorption
Meso Middle Mesocolon
Meta After; beyond; change Metastic
Micro Small Micronodular
Multi Many Multilobar
Neo New Neonatal
Nulli None Nulliparous
Pan All; total Pancytopenia
Para Beside; beyond; around Paranormal
Per Through Percutaneous
Peri  Surrounding (outer) Pericardium
Poly Many; much Polyopia
Post After Postemryonic
Pre Before; in front of Preoperative
Pro Before Prodromal
Re Back Reflux
Retro Back; behind Retrograde
Semi Half Semirecumbent
Sub Under; below Subcutaneous
Super Over; above Superimpose
Supra Above Suprascleral
Sym Together; joined Symbiotic
Syn Together; joined Synergetic
Tachy Fast; rapid Tachycardia
Tetra Four Tetrameric
Trans Through; across; beyond Transurethral
Tri Three Trilocular
Ultra Beyond; excess Ultrasound
Uni One Uniseptate

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