TransCode Solutions provide CCS Books for Rent for exam.  If you are looking for Approved coding manuals for your exam, we provide CCS Books for Rent for exam.  We have the latest original copies of the code sets which are required to write the exam and get the Books for Rent.

CCS Exam Books for Rent is made easy now through Transcode Solutions.  Call 9959602447 and book your code-set now for your Exam. We provide both 2018 Coding Manuals as well as latest 2019 Coding Manuals.  We provide them on First-come-first-serve basis.  Hurry ! Call us and get


We provide the following Books

  1. Latest 2019 ICD-10CM
  2. Latest 2019 ICD-10PCS
  3. Latest 2019 CPT

2019 ICD-10CM:  International Classification of Diseases 10th Revision Clinical Modification Year 2019 Update.

This is used for coding of Diseases which include volume II: Alphabetical Index and volume I: Tabular List of Diseases.


We will also provide 2018 ICD-10CM as per the requirement.


2019 CPT:  Current Procedural Terminology.  This is a manual used for coding of procedures in the outpatient setting.


We also provide 2018 CPT manual as per your requirement.


2019 ICD-10PCS:  We provide latest 2019 ICD-10PCS for your exam purpose.  It contains codes for procedures done on an inpatient setting.


We also provide 2018 ICD-10PCS according to your need.